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As SEO expert and copywriting guru Mark Thompson says “Link building is one of the cornerstones of an effective search engine optimization strategy. Search engines look at the number of inbound links that point to a website from search engines and rank them based on their own judgment. Link building is only relevant to SEO when sites are both well established and have one way links from quality, relevant sites”. But how do you know if is link building still relevant to seo?

The answer is as obvious as the question is asked. With more sites being launched every day, it is inevitable that search engine optimization would become more challenging. Link building is one way in which you can overcome this challenge and prove your site’s SEO relevance. However, just because your site has a lot of inbound links does not mean that is link building still relevant to seo.

There are a number of things that search engines look for when evaluating a website. These factors include relevance, timeliness, and freshness of content. If a site is not relevant to its niche or to the topic it is covering, then these results will definitely affect rankings. Search engines are very strict when it comes to these issues. They want to provide the best user experience possible.

A great way to ensure that is link building still relevant to seo is by ensuring that you have backlinks coming from reliable sources. You should not just be fooling around with link farms. Some of these sites are even banned by Google. So, you cannot use these sources to promote your website because the links are fake.

The most important thing is that you have high quality one-way backlinks. This is a good indicator that your site is being considered credible. Having a high page rank is good for SEO but it is not always the same as being relevant. Having a high PR can mean that your site is relevant to the topic but this will never be 100 percent certain. Using keywords to optimize your site will definitely give you a better chance at being relevant and having a high PR.

Another important way to determine whether is link building still relevant to seo is to see what the actual search engine page rank for your site is. Your page rank is a measure of relevance to a keyword. In order to get a higher page rank, you should try to have a lot of backlinks coming from high PR sites. Search engines are constantly trying to evaluate how relevant your site is to a particular keyword in order to come up with a page rank that is more relevant.

Link building is important for SEO. The issue that people often encounter is that they assume that any link building is relevant to their site. This is simply not true because if you are trying to build backlinks and you do not have any relevant keywords, you will have a hard time building relevant traffic to your website.

A lot of people will use software tools that they purchase to make it easier to figure out if is link building still relevant to seo. However, these tools are not useful in determining the relevancy of a page. It is a very common misconception that purchasing software to build backlinks is relevant. There is software available that can help you determine the relevancy of a page but it is not necessary to buy software in order to know whether is link building still relevant to seo.

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