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If you are building a website then you will surely have a dashboard or some kind of interface for your website that would display all the information and statistics about your website. Your website should be built keeping in mind some important factors so that it meets the expectations of your targeted audience. Every website should have a proper page rank. Web rank plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO) because higher the web rank of a website is the more popular it is considered to be.

How to Check Website Traffic. How to verify website traffic is very vulnerable or not; how to check website bounce rate, how to check out social bookmarking history, how to check bandwidth usage, how to check website backups, how to check website cache file contents, how to check website security… Well, there are many ways in which one can check out website statistics. However, for best results you must use both SEO and monitoring tools for getting good and accurate data. Also, most people do not bother to know how to check website stats as most of these questions are answered by SEO companies.

How to Check Website Stats – You should have a proper dashboard or interface for your website so that you can check out every single piece of information about your website like – how many unique visitors visit your site on a daily basis? Or how many page views per day? These questions are really important for getting accurate data about your website stats.

How to Check Website Stats – The best way to verify your website statistics is to use various SEO tools. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google which is considered to be the best way to perform a proper check on your website stats. You can check how many unique visits you get every day? How many page views per day? All these questions will give you some idea about how to check website stats.

How to Check Website Stats – You can also use Google Webmaster Tools and get detailed information about your website stats. There are two methods of using these tools – the traditional and the updated widgets. If you want the traditional version then you need to install the application “wptools”. For the latest version you need to install “giefruit – latest”. The application uses the WYSIWYG web designer tool and it is very easy to understand and work with.

How to Check Website Stats – The other option for how to check website stats is to use the free tools provided by Google. It is a very simple process and you need to enter the website name in Google Webmaster Tools. When the result page appears, you can view the details about your website. There is a list of errors if any – each of them will tell you how to check website stats. There are various ways of fixing such errors and you can also update your website.

How to Look at Website Stats – With Google Webmaster Tools you have the possibility to get more detailed information about your website stats. You can get the date when your website was created or last updated. Also you will get to see which keywords were used in the title or description of your website. The website speed, the number of pages loaded in a single time, the amount of time to load the pages and the average size of the pages – all these things can be checked. This is how to check website stats and you will get reliable data.

In fact Google is one of the best companies to use for this kind of service. You can even subscribe to their free service, Google Webmaster Tools. This is how to look at website stats and you will get reliable reports. Subscribe now and become an expert in this field. Check out our blog for more important tips on how to improve your website’s performance.

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