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How Do I Get Good Backlinks?

One of the easiest ways to earn good backlinks is to produce quality content. Try to create Infographics or Round-up posts and report broken links. Reporting broken links to authority sites will earn you a backlink. If you are not sure how to do this, read this guide for more information. Once you have content to share, it’s time to report broken links. You’ll soon be on your way to gaining authority and popularity.


A simple yet effective way to generate links for your infographics is to submit them to relevant websites. There are numerous submission sites available that will accept your infographic and embed a code to get more backlinks. Ensure that you include a relevant title, description, and eye-catching tags to ensure your infographic is easily discoverable. You can use the free Ahrefs tool to find tons of websites in an instant and export their data to a spreadsheet.

One simple way to get quality backlinks for your infographics is to ask other sources to publish it. You can also share the infographic with bigger sites. If you are creating an infographic about organic makeup, you can target top beauty websites and get published on them. You will be surprised how many of these sites are willing to feature your infographic and give it publicity. Similarly, you can send out an email to a large number of publications to request them to link to your infographic.

Another great way to spread brand awareness is to get bloggers to share your infographic. There are blogs on almost every topic imaginable, and most have regular readers. By sharing your infographics with bloggers with similar interests, you will get high-quality backlinks and spread your brand awareness. When you have done this, you’ll have a more targeted audience and increased traffic to your website. That’s just the beginning! So get started now and start spreading your infographics. And don’t forget to include a call to action to encourage your readers to share them with their friends.

The best way to create high-quality links for your infographic is to research relevant blogs and forums and comment on them. If possible, try to include a link back to your infographic in the comment. People love reading comments on blog posts and forums, and if you can get some attention, they might just check out your infographic. Although these links are often “nofollow” links, they are still valuable for generating traffic.

Round-up posts

The success of expert round-up posts depends on the responses from your audience. When composing your roundup post, ask questions your readers would love to hear about. Avoid questions you can easily answer on your own – instead, choose a topic of interest that will have plenty of contributors. This way, your roundup post will generate traffic and backlinks, and you’ll be contributing to a highly-relevant site at the same time.

Once you’ve secured the contributions of experts in your field, the next step is putting together your guest content. The presentation of your content should be top-notch to grab the attention of the guest. Once your post is published, it will be distributed on their channels, exposing you to a new audience. While asking for backlinks may not be appreciated by all contributors, you can always use them to promote your own content.

One way to gain exposure in a roundup post is to get featured in another author’s compilation. For instance, SEMrush regularly asks for expert opinions via #SEMrushchat, and the participants are featured in blog posts and retweeted on the SEMrush Twitter page. Getting featured in a link roundup post is a great way to gain a high-quality backlink from an authoritative site. Besides generating high-quality content, this strategy can also help your brand awareness and discoverability. If you’re interested in getting featured on a roundup post, start by finding publications in your industry.

Link roundups are the easiest way to generate backlinks. You should look for websites in your niche and submit to them – this will make the process of compiling the roundup post much simpler. Publish high-quality content on these websites and you’ll be rewarded with a spike in website traffic. The more content you share, the easier it is for you to get included in several relevant link roundups.

Reporting broken links

Broken links can affect your SEO and website traffic negatively. Not only do broken links affect the user’s experience, but they can also hurt your website’s ranking in search engines like Google. In order to get more links, you can report broken links to other websites. This can be done using tools such as, which helps you identify broken links and replace them with your own. Broken links can be detrimental to your SEO and website traffic, so report them and fix the problem.

A good SEO tool can identify broken links on a website, and you can contact the webmasters to request that they link to the new page. This process is similar to the one you would use to research top sites and find other links. Make sure you include a link to your site when reporting broken links. By doing this, you will increase your chances of getting a good backlink from the other website.

Broken link building is an effective off-page SEO strategy that benefits both the website owner and the webmaster. This method is best for publishers and marketers who want to improve the user experience on their websites, and they benefit from the new backlink. Reporting broken links to other websites is a long-term strategy because many links become broken every day. The only downside is that the broken links you report will quickly become outdated. However, if you take the time to provide good content to the websites you contact, your website will become more relevant than your competitors.

If you want to check for broken links in a website, you can use Screaming Frog to do so. The tool lets you see how many broken links are on a site and where they are located. Once you’ve logged in to Screaming Frog, you’ll find the page where the broken link is located and the anchor text used. When you have a list of broken links, you can make the necessary changes.

Reporting authority sites

One of the best ways to increase your website’s SEO rankings is to acquire good backlinks from reporting authority websites. These sites usually have high domain authority and pass a lot of link juice to your website. However, obtaining these high authority backlinks is a little risky and expensive. If you do it correctly, it will boost your website’s rankings and traffic. Read on to learn more about these sites and how to acquire them.

It is important to remember that HARO query responses are not guaranteed to result in backlinks. However, they do provide free referral traffic and brand awareness. Creating valuable, unique content is essential to get these backlinks. Low-quality content will only cause you to lose quality backlinks. Google also accepts guest contributions on their Analytics blog. But be sure to show your credentials as a writer, and provide a testimonial.

Creating relevant content

Creating relevant content can generate good backlinks. For example, creating detailed guides can generate links. Compared to a normal blog post, a guide can be several thousand words long. These guides should be valuable resources, so other websites are likely to link to them. And, they need to be original, which is harder to achieve with regular blog posts. Besides, it can take months to produce good backlinks.

To generate good backlinks, you can make use of lists. Lists are easily readable on handheld devices, so they attract more links. Visual content can also help you attract links. Infographics, videos, and charts are effective tools for attracting links. A quality infographic can stand on its own. It also contains a brief description of the content. For high-quality content, create a list.

Reaching out to media outlets is another great way to gain good backlinks. Many professional organizations and local chambers of commerce have directories. These directories are a great source for getting backlinks. Additionally, if you have something to announce, consider contacting press release services. Many online press release wires allow you to submit a press release for a small fee, and it can be syndicated to hundreds of high-quality websites in your industry.

When creating high-quality content, make sure you are offering something of value to your target audience. People will link to content they find valuable, and if it is relevant to their industry, they will be more likely to link to it. By providing helpful information, you can attract links to your website. If you want to increase your chances of getting good backlinks, you should consider skyscraper 2.0.

How Do I Get Good Backlinks?

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