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Brand Strategy Examples From the Ground Up

Great brand strategy is about more than just a great brand name, a logo, and a slogan. It is also about the values, messaging, and strategies that create a brand. The brand strategy encompasses all the decisions that a business makes to make its brand name stick in the viewer’s mind and builds brand equity (how public the brand is perceived by the public).

Just as there are many brand strategy examples, many brand strategy pitfalls can blind a business owner or manager into making the wrong choices.

One of the first brand strategy examples that most business owners and managers cannot consider is positioning. You probably have heard the term “Pipe Corn” many times before.

This term applies to any type of product found in a grocery store; however, the reference to cereal is often made for a brand strategy for a grocery store. There are many ways to position a brand.

However, one way that many companies cannot take full advantage of is positioning.

Picking one branding strategy example is useless if not diversified. Many companies have one great marketing idea that they execute with success.

Still, when you combine their efforts with other branding strategies, they have no chance of competing with bigger companies that have access to more capital resources.

The grocery store, for example, uses nationwide distribution networks to grow sales. They also use local advertising to grab attention in key cities.

A brand strategy should incorporate both strategies to be truly effective.

If any of the elements mentioned above are missing from your strategy, you will not achieve your branding goals.

Another brand strategy example is that of Chipotle.

Chipotle originally started out as just a burrito and salsas stand in a small town.

To grow their business, they opened up another location in a highly populated city. This caused their branding to become associated with fine foods, fast food, and Mexican food, all very popular these days.

They expanded their brand with help from like-minded institutions like Five Guys and Taco Bell and created a successful network marketing model.

Brand strategy examples would include the fine food restaurant chain Chipotle, enjoying a successful slow-food movement.

While there may have been some initial growth issues as they expanded their menu, they quickly caught on and have enjoyed immense success ever since.

Using local and national branding efforts, such as Five Guys and Taco Bell, could leverage their brand strategy examples and bring those elements into their own restaurant locations.

Another brand strategy example is that of the popular greengrocer, Alta Vista Trading Post.

They chose an image for their brand marketing that was directly linked to their green initiative; hence, using a “Green Store” as their brand strategy example.

As a result, they enjoyed incredible growth and success, which led to hiring a large team of experts in branding and internet marketing.

The above examples are just two of the many brand strategy examples available to implement in your own company.

For creativity, it is best to keep your eyes and ears open. While traditional branding is great, it’s not always enough to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Consider using new branding techniques and examples to bring in more customers and make your business stand out in a crowd.

Many other brand guidelines include logo design, color palettes, packaging, marketing tactics, and advertising techniques.

If you’re unsure about how to approach any of these elements, then consider hiring a branding agency that can provide you with brand strategy examples from the ground up.

Many agencies offer their services in a package deal, where they’ll work with your company to develop brand guidelines, logo designs, color palettes, and more.

This is a great option because it cuts down on the time you have to spend on each step and allows you to focus on what is truly important. In addition, by working with an agency, you’ll be able to tap into their years of experience in developing and implementing branding strategies.

Brand Strategy Examples From the Ground Up

Brand Strategy Examples From the Ground Up

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